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Mon's Restaurant
(Meant for Organic and Natural)

Mon’s Restaurant is a “House” created through Passion, Pride, and Creativity, and above all, it carries the heart and soul of Camp Benjamin.

Rested atop a small hill and nestled among greeneries, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature as you sumptuously fill your palate and appetite with our Modern Heritage cuisines. Revisit the past, through food, with a modern twist.

Always Fresh Ingredients

At Mon’s Restaurant, we do not only cater to deliver food on your plate but we practice excellence by putting love and care into every detail of what we do through smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste. We also value health when it comes to the food we serve. With our Farm-to-Plate concept, we make sure that all our ingredients are fresh and naturally grown, in partnership with WIN Farm (We Lead Integrated Natural Farm).

Food is only one of our ways to tell you “We care for you”. The creation of Mon’s Restaurant are born from a concentrated melting pot of different savoir-faire, talents, gestures, and passion from different regions and experiences of our fine chefs. The imaginations of our clients have inspired us and nourished our chef’s creativity to give you the most memorable day of your life.


As you dine and experience Mon’s Restaurant, you celebrate the bounty of Alfonso, Cavite. Our team highlights a rich variety of custom crafted specialties ideal for any taste and occasion. Adobong Manok sa Tablea, Crispy Kare-Kare, and Pancit Buko are just a few of our best-sellers.

With its casual, elegant dining atmosphere, woodland-inspired landscape, and delectable menus, Mon’s Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy leisurely lunches, family gatherings, birthdays, weddings, and join friends for dinner.

In 2015 we’ve launched “Dine under the stars” with whole the concept of a night picnic with a perfect view of the stars. This dining event is not just for couples, it is also for families, friends and colleagues who are celebrating something special or just want to unwind and bond.

Our goal is not only to deliver your event to you with the highest quality and care, but we have devoted ourselves to rekindling your relationship with nature and “yourself”. Thus, we offer you the comfort of Camp Benjamin and its 4.7 hectares of greens, fun, and utmost serenity.

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